Japan Buffet Route 4 near I-275 Japan Buffet – 380 Glenspring Dr., Springdale, OH 45246

Dionisio & I ate here for lunch a week or two ago on a Sunday.  When we were greeted I asked what they had for vegetarians and the host took us around showing us a few items.  He showed us sushi rolls some of which were vegetarian, but one had imitation crab in it.  I said “there’s crab in that one” and he seemed to think that just telling me it wasn’t real crab made it vegetarian.  (Imitation crab is made from fish.)  So, they had 3 sushi rolls and inari, which I think is vegetarian too.  They had tempura vegetables, and a hibachi.  We decided to stay and give it a try.

At the time, it was food, but I can’t say I will ever bother to return.  The tempura veggies were cold and a little rubbery, but I don’t think they could keep them too crispy.  I would have been happy with hot and rubbery though.  The tempura dipping sauce didn’t taste like the versions I’ve had everywhere else so we ended up dipping in soy sauce with wasabi.  The veggie sushis were an oshinko roll (the tiny one with the nori around the edge), an avocado roll that was the same type and a normal veggie roll. The avocado roll was very mushy, but I haven’t had an all avocado roll before, so that may be normal.  Otherwise, the sushi was ok, maybe a little dry, typical buffet sushi.

The service was fine, polite Asian women who smile constantly, typical of many Asian buffets.  The man running the hibachi was outspoken, had many tattoos and a large wound or scar on his face that was covered with some weird peach flesh colored item that made it look creepy.  Sort of like a piece of fake skin to make a fake scar, but instead it was covering a real one.  I had veggie hibachi, but was not prepared for this cook to add butter, which he did, and too much at that.  My veggies tasted like butter and garlic and not much like veggies.  At many Chinese buffets with hibachi, they don’t add butter, just oils, which I prefer.

Since we were there on a Sunday for lunch the buffet cost normal dinner price, close to $10 per person.  They should offer a lower cost for vegetarians at places like this, the same way BD’s Mongolian does.  I doubt we will go back to this one.

Their business card has the URL japanbuffet.net, but it doesn’t appear to be up currently.

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