As a vegan, it’s a given that pizza will never be the same again.  Pizza without actual cheese is just another entity, which I’m ok getting to know and love.  Yes I miss a pizza with a ton of cheese, it was my drug of choice.  One thing that has changed for me personally with pizza eating is that eating vegan/vegan-ized pizzas, I want more veggies on it than I used to tolerate.  Pizza is a new creature for me without cheese impeding my taste buds.

We have attempted pizzas at home with vegan cheese, but failed because we didn’t change our cooking methods.  Next attempt we will cook the pizza without the cheese a majority of the time, then add the cheese and broil it enough to melt a little.   Normal method resulted in a soupy mess.  It still tasted pretty good, but the mess of it made it hard to eat and left us not feeling so well.

We went to Mac’s Pizza Pub to try their vegan pizza, which was pretty good, but not like a real cheese pizza.  It was a bigger bummer when the first pizza they gave us they had accidentally prepared with real cheese.  We were eating it thinking “wow, this stuff tastes real…hey wait a minute!”  Either way the vegan pizza is a nice option to have in town.

Next try was a Larosa’s pizza without cheese, with the idea that their sauce has an interesting and sweet taste that might carry it.  It was good, but needed more taste to it.  Next time we will try double sauce.  A better selection of vegetables may have helped too.  We got onions, roma tomatoes, green peppers and spinach on a thin crust.  Here’s the Larosa’s ingredients list in pdf form in case you’re are interested.  The thin and hand tossed crusts both do not have dairy/egg, but the pan crust does.

Next I think I will look up Dewey’s pizza ingredients.  Their sauce can be a little spicier, which may do well vegan-ized.
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