The dining room floor overlooking Fountain Square

We didn’t plan it when a friend of ours invited us downtown to Via Vite but we continued on our vegan pizza vision quest last night. Unsure of what was vegan beyond a side of Bruschetta (which was tasty as well), we had the red-headed Maggie to thank for guiding us through the menu towards one of Via Vite’s wood fired pizzas. All of the pizzas on the menu include meat or cheese (the crust is vegan) so we had to DIY it — again with the unshakable Maggie at our side — with some basil and peperonata.

Even after Maggie’s detailed explanation (did she just give us an insider recipe?) I wasn’t sure what to expect but a stew of red and yellow peppers, onions, vinegar and sugar sure sounded tasty. And tasty it was! A little runny, as I’m sure it normally sits amid cheese, meat and other toppings, but with fork and knife in hand, I dove in. I suppose the next line would be that I dove into the deep end and cracked my skull on the bottom because after being goaded into juuuuust one more piece I was starting to feel a little overstuffed. Overstuffed quickly turned into stomach pain which lasted through the night but I’m not blaming the quality or ingredients, only my stubborn desire to eat delicious pizza.

Honestly, the peperonata pizza was so great that I’m more than willing to put up with some indigestion to have it again, and if that’s not a glowing endorsement (albeit one probably not fit for a slogan) I don’t know what is!
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