Cancun Mexican Restaurant
11930 Hamilton Ave
Mount Healthy, OH 45231
(513) 851-6310

Kentucky BurritoShawn and I were driving home down Hamilton Ave. and we were hungry!  I recalled there being a Cancun Mexican restaurant on route and suggested checking it out.  We had eaten at the Cancun on Glenway Ave. back when we lived in Westwood and were still meat eaters.  The only things I recall about that were the building being attached to Western Bowl (bowling alley) and the salsa being loaded with cilantro.  I may or may not have mentioned that cilantro is the bane of my existence.   Most people either love or hate it and I’m in the hate realm.  It literally tastes like metal to me.  meh.
The parking lot was littered with holes, the bar next door had smokers on route to the front door, I was on the verge of saying forget it.  We went in anyway and saw a half dozen vegetarian options.  Typical Mexican restaurant vegetarian fare such as bean burritos, cheese enchiladas, and bean and cheese tostadas.   The last item was called a “Kentucky Burrito” that sounded unlike any other items we’ve had at Mexican restaurants so we got in line.  A couple in line saw us looking at a menu and assured us their food was “really good”.  Once we were seated and our chips and salsa arrived I was thrilled to see that the salsa wasn’t as I remembered the Western Hills location being.  It was the salsa style I like which seems as if it’s pureed tomatoes and peppers with some spices.  It was spicy and good with a little green (possibly cilantro), but so little it didn’t take away from the good and spicy taste.

We both ordered the “Kentucky Burrito” without cheese, but it arrived with cheese.   We shoved our cheese to the edges of the plates and dove in.  The burritos were filled with carrots, celery and potatoes and it was covered with a tomato sauce.  The plate also had refried beans, rice and what several Mexican restaurants call “A touch of salad.”  A lettuce and tomato salad with a vinegar based dressing.  The burrito was tasty, but the inner veggies seemed seasoned in a way that almost clashed with the rest of the meal.  As if they were a veggie stew, seasoned as a normal stew and then thrown into a Mexican meal.  Different, but I’m unsure I’d eat it again.

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