West Side Chili's vegetarian 3-way6520 Glenway Avenue, near Bridgetown
I had heard on Veggie Option that there was a chili parlor on Glenway that served vegetarian 3-ways not just a bean version like Skyline chili does. Shawn & I have been meaning to try it for months and finally did. West Side Chili offers that any of the chili items can be made with the vegetarian version, even chili cheese fries. We both got 3-ways not noticing the fries in time. I have never had the meat version of West Side Chili’s chili, but the vegetarian version tastes similar to the one from fantastic foods. Not like skyline as I hoped. The spaghetti was very overdone to the point of mushy. I ate half of this giant 3-way and the rest at lunch the following day. Twice in two days gave me terrible indigestion after the lunch portion. It is exciting to be able to go get a 3-way in a restaurant, but in the future I think I will just make my own attempt at home.  Please send me your recipes!

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