Subway has become my vegan fast food of choice because, well, it’s almost the only choice! The stores are practically everywhere and while the quality of the ingredients isn’t organic or fresh-as-the-morning-snow it is cheap and tasty. I also appreciate all the info they openly put out there about what ingredients may be lurking in their food. In no mixed terms’s FAQ reads:

Do your breads contain animal products?

Subway® Italian bread contains no animal-derived ingredients. The 9-grain wheat bread contains honey, which may be considered an animal-derived ingredient. The Flatbread and cheese-topped breads do contain milk-derived ingredients.

What menu items at SUBWAY® restaurants are vegan/do not contain animal-derived ingredients?

The menu items that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients are the Veggie Delite® on Italian bread and the Veggie Delite® salad. These individual items do not contain animal-derived ingredients: all vegetables, oil, vinegar, mustard, sweet onion sauce and fruizle. The 9-grain wheat bread contains honey but no other animal-derived ingredients.

The site provides a handy allergen table and the FAQ even goes so far as to address the origins of the “sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate” (I don’t kow what it is but theirs is plant-derived), cover the bases on MSG, and very clearly provide links to ask them any specific questions you may still have. That was more than enough validation for me, though, and I gladly turn up about once a week for a mixed veggie sandwich with either hot mustard or sweet onion sauce. If you go, don’t forget to grab the new Subway card; you get points for every purchase and it doesn’t take long at all before you’ve got a free sandwich coming your way!
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