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Sushi: Tokyo Japanese restaurant, Sharonville, OHI think I liked this restaurant a lot more when I ate meat.

When I used to still eat meat I loved to go have sukiyaki at Tokyo. They have the best price on it, but I haven’t had it at any other restaurants. I liked their lunch bentos too, but I would get beef teriyaki or something. They have hibatchi tables, but I avoid that if I can. I love donburi, but unless they’ve changed their menu, Tokyo doesn’t have any of those.
I have only been there once since I stopped eating meat, and we got 4 veggie sushis. The tempura sweet potato roll was great, but I didn’t like the rest of what we got (veggie roll, oshinko roll & kappa roll). The veggie roll (top in the photo) was so pretty, but had something in it that I didn’t like at all and I couldn’t eat more than 2 pieces. The tempura sweet potato roll (bottom center) was sweet, crunchy and delicious!  The kappa roll (right) & oshinko roll (left) were just ok.

Their tempura vegetables are delicious and the staff are all very nice.  They have a large screen tv that usually have on business type shows about the stock market or sports.  I think that may be a lot of their crowd, business types.

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