10548 Harrison Ave. Harrison, OH 45030, (513) 367-2040
Kim's Korean Restaurant I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this restaurant. We have never had a remotely bad experience at Kim’s and I can’t say that about any other restaurant. The food is wonderful and the service is friendly and fast. We found out about this place when I bought a certificate for it on restaurant.com. We went to check it out and got so much food for so little money (with the certificate), when there was another certificate sale we went back. We are hooked now!

When we went after we became vegetarian, they were very helpful with our food order and pointing out our choices. We were told almost anything on the menu that isn’t already vegetarian can be made that way.
Kim's Korean Restaurant They know us now and give us all vegetable side dishes like this slightly spicy tofu one. This one is so good and I haven’t had anything like it at any other Korean restaurants yet. It’s tender and very flavorful. This photo is from before we wrestled for the last piece (we both love it).

The restaurant itself is located out in Harrison, Ohio, where I can’t say we’d ever go otherwise. It’s not too far from where we currently live, no further than to go to any other Korean place around town. It’s located in a strip mall near a K-Mart and doesn’t look all that exciting from the front. I even think their sign is a bit small and hard to read from the street. When you come inside they have normal booths and a counter in the back, sort of like some Chinese places. They took some of the booths out recently and added a platform with low table seating and cushions. Very cool! I would have opted to sit there, but I didn’t see it until after our order was taken. They used to have underwater scene murals on two walls that must have been from a prior business. They painted over them and put up nice decorations (see photos).

Kim's Korean RestaurantKim's Korean Restaurant
They sometimes have interesting side dishes made of vegetables we wouldn’t have thought of. Last visit we had radish leaves that I found a bit bitter, but Shawn loved. We’ve also had some type of wild spinach that the chef picks herself, but must be out of season now since we didn’t have any last visit.

If you like Korean food, I highly recommend Kim’s Korean!
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