Los Panchos
8598 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45251-2914
(513) 923-3400

Once we became vegan we stopped getting Mexican food because we associated so much cheese with that cuisine.  This isn’t an unfair way to look at it, but we’ve made up with Mexican food, although our choices are very limited.  The first time back to Los Panchos, our closest Mexican restaurant to home, we felt as if we’d cheated even though we still ate vegan.  They have a veggie burrito that comes with rice & bean and a small amount of cheese, but they almost always remember not to put cheese when you request that.  I’m not a fan of cilantro, so finding Mexican places that don’t use it in everything makes me happy.  When Los Panchos first opened it was back and forth whether you got any, but lately it hasn’t been excessive in my meals.  They have the type of salsa I prefer, where is like a spicy tomato & pepper puree and, as I said, they are convenient to home.  Unfortunately, they have slow service at any time of day (but not always), but definitely Friday and Saturday nights.

Here are some dark and blurry pics for your eye straining pleasure.  The super quesadilla our non-vegan friend got probably couldn’t be made vegan without it just becoming the veggie burrito anyway.

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