Thai Namtip
5461 North Bend Road
Cincinnati, OH 45247-7620
(513) 481-3360

We came up with the idea to review all the veggie sushi options in the tri-state area, but we are off to a slow start.  (Anyone want to do guest posts?)  We don’t always want to eat sushi, so this will be an ongoing thing…yeah…oh and Shawn came up with “Cincy Sushi Survey”.  We should probably buy that url. It’s pretty awesome :)

Ok first sushi survey is Thai Namtip in the White Oak area!  They have at least six vegetarian meals to choose from (that may actually be vegan, ask first) and 4 veg sushi.
Asparagus Roll Asparagus, rice, sesame wrapped in seaweed.   $4.95
Avocado Roll Avocado, rice, sesame wrapped in seaweed.   $4.95
Cucumber Roll Cucumber, rice, sesame wrapped in seaweed.   $4.95
AACC Roll Asparagus, avocado, cucumber, carrot, rice wrapped in seaweed.   $5.95

Shawn: Whenever we go to Thai Namtip I prefer to stick with my all-time favorite dish — Tofu Ramrong — but for the sake of this exhaustive study I put my own selfish yearnings aside and ate some sushi.  Thai Namtip’s sushi is a nice, plump one-bit mouthful and they don’t skimp on the number of rolls per order. I always appreciate an AACC roll but any place that offers a simple asparagus roll on its own gets a nod in my book. The prices are right around average for most places in town and with a huge menu of other dishes to fall back on, Thai Namtip has an early lead in our little survey.
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