Vegetarian Skyline burritoShawn and I have always loved Skyline chili.  I specify Skyline chili because I really don’t like any Cincinnati style chili, I tolerate others, but love Skyline.  (Don’t even bother to mention Gold Star chili because they aren’t worth the time.) It’s one of the things we had missed since we stopped eating meats.  We tried West Side Chili‘s vegetarian chili 3-way, but it didn’t taste like Skyline. (Perhaps it tasted like West side chili’s meat chili?)

Vegetarian Skyline burritoSkyline’s vegetarian is a bean and rice mixture that can be eaten in possibly any way regular chili can at the restaurant.  Since it has rice in it, maybe on spaghetti or potato would be too starchy?  I got the deluxe burrito without sour cream and Shawn got the regular burrito.  Although the texture, beans and rice rather than meaty type, is different, the seasoning is just like Skyline.  It satisfied something on a subconscious level!  I do wish they had a fake meat version, but this will definately do!

The next step is to attempt our own at home.  I didn’t want to resort to the Cincinnati chili seasoning packets because they are filled with ingredients I can’t identify without googling them.  I printed 3 recipes yesterday from the internet, if we have a good one, I will post about it.

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