Previously: “awwww they brought us a little chocolate ginger cake for our honeymoon!” We were back at EPCOT again the other day and — after being turned down on a busier weekend night — were promptly seated this time at Tokyo Dining; the server subtly noting our ‘Just Married‘ buttons. They gave us a great seat right by the huge front windows with a view across the lake and after our delicious tempura veggies and cucumber roll our server brought us this complimentary piece of chocolate-ginger cake.

We told them we were vegetarian so the cake was definitely not vegan but — hey! — we’re on vacation so we let some dairy slip in here and there. The cake was quite good with a subtle ginger-y taste that I picked up on before she told us what it was and great, thick chocolate icing. Also, it was free so of course we scarfed it down, paid up, thanked the staff as graciously as they thanked us and set out across World Showcase once again.

Much more is coming in the weeks ahead about our culinary experience on this trip to Walt Disney World (and Orlando in general), so stay tuned in!

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